"It's a Blue's bar: San Francisco tavern a home for Giants fans"

SAN FRANCISCO — The only Giants bar in enemy territory here is going to need extra security this weekend!
A former Westchester County resident who owns a New York-centric sports bar in the heart of Frisco
is expecting a flood of Big Apple fans for Sunday's game — and preparing to face the wrath of the 49ers' faithful.
"We're gonna have a few extra security guards," said Ace's owner Scott Broccoli. "We just want to make sure there aren't any
knuckleheads out there that come by after the game — especially if the Giants win."... read full article

"WHY?Sleeping with the enemy."

No matter how you feel about the 49ers letting their ticket to the Super Bowl disappear in overtime,
you have to admit that the Giants played well and are worthy of our support.
Ace's is one of the best sports bars in the city and, especially for fans of New York sports teams,
is like coming home. They describe themselves in contradictory terms as a "Nob Hill dive bar."
But they're right. The 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. opening time marks it as a true dive,
but it's Nob Hill enough so that your girlfriend won't be disgusted by the bathrooms.

San Francisco Citizen

"World Series Mayhem – Ace's Bar is a Little Bit of
Noo Yawk in San Francisco's Tenderloin"

This was the scene last night on Sutter and Hyde in San Francisco's Tenderloin
(aka Tender Nob, aka "Theatre") District last night just after the New York Yankees won the World Series.
With all the boisterousness, passersby could tell that some kind of mayhem was afoot even from a block away.
And then when the crowd... read full article

"A few pics & clips from Aces (Giants bar in SF w Bob Papa)"

Here's a few pics and video clips I took at Ace's Bar in SF the night before the game.
Bob Papa showed up and got up on the bar to rally the crowd... read full article

"Giants And 49ers Fans Crowd City Watering Holes"

All around the Bay Area the 49ers Faithful gathered in pubs to cheer on their team and even
NY Giants fans had a bar to call their own. Don Knapp reports... watch the video

Accidental Travel Writer

"Top 10 New York Giants Sports Bars"

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and I wonder – if I were a supporter
of either the New England Patriots or the New York Giants – would I splash out the money
to attend the game in person (as I did when my team, the Oakland Raiders, met the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in San Diego)
or would I watch the game at home – or in a sports bar?
Definitely not at home. But I'm not sure if I'd want to watch the game in a bar or at the stadium... read full article

"Bay Area Football Fans Watch Super Bowl With Mixed Emotions"

Bay Area football fans watched the Super Bowl Sunday, but some were not so excited about it.
Don Knapp reports... watch the video

"A New York Giant Fan in San Francisco"

Childhood memories of my father wearing electric socks to December games,
meeting star running back Ron Johnson in the living room of my house, and Tight End Gary Shirk
catching third down passes short of the first down marker will forever define my early Giant fan experience.
But seeing Harry Carson win a Superbowl with the great LT, Banks, Bavaro & Co. after playing on so many bad Giants
teams gave me hope that a higher football spirit is out there. Two superbowl victories later,
is another Superbowl win in store for the Giants this season?
After moving to San Francisco in 1997... read full article

"The NY Yankees United in SF"

Aces Bar is Home to the NY Giants fans located in the Bay Area. What better place to establish a home for
the local Yankees fans than at a place that knows NY. Located at the corner of Sutter and Hyde, Aces brings... read full article

"Pigskin Preview Show: Raiders, Giants, and Mike Singletary's"

Sarah Curry previews the Week 5 NFL games for the pitiful Raiders, Giants vs. Saints matchup, and the latest on the 49ers... watch the video